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A television cameraman tapes trainees of Greencorps Chicago, a WRD Environmental project

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Spreading the Word About Sustainable Schoolyards

The WHS Learn+Play Gardens, a sustainable schoolyard project at William Hammerschmidt Elementary School in west suburban Lombard, is part of a wave of efforts to connect children with nature for learning, health and stewardship. In an article in the DuPage Sierran, the newsletter of the Sierra Club’s River Prairie Group of DuPage County, WRD’s Andi Cooper lays out the many benefits of such efforts.

Thanks to features like best management practices for infiltrating water on site, which keep stormwater from running off into already overtaxed storm sewers, those benefits radiate outward from the school through the entire community.

WRD designed the nature-based playground for the forthcoming WHS Learn+Play Gardens and the plan for another sustainable schoolyard pioneer, Western Avenue School, in Geneva.

Read the Sierra Club article ... [PDF 306 kb]





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Students harvesting blueberries in the edible garden
Students harvesting blueberries in the edible garden