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Clark-Lindsey Retirement Village, a WRD Environmental project

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Clark-Lindsey Retirement Village, Urbana, IL

Client Profile

Clark-Lindsey Retirement Village is nonprofit continuing-care retirement community situated on 28 acres near the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus. In 2009, it collaborated with the university and the Retirement Research Foundation to create a first-of-its-kind “New AGE” garden. The University of Illinois kinesiology and horticulture departments initiated the project with their selection of Clark-Lindsey as the pilot site.

  • Design and build a new type of outdoor space based on New AGE (Active Green Environments) principles, which integrate therapeutic recreational facilities with attractive greenscapes
  • Enhance programming through outdoor recreational opportunities

Sample Results
  • Notoriety for having the first New AGE garden in the nation
  • An inviting outdoor setting in which landscape features, such as paths of different lengths and surfaces traversing gentle hills, replace exercise equipment and promote physical fitness through “stealth exercise”
  • A beautiful Masterpiece Garden that connects residents with nature and enhances their quality of life
  • A flexible, modular garden that expands programming into the outdoors

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In Clark-Lindsey's New AGE landscape, exercise doesn't look or feel like exercise.

A gazebo and water feature help draw residents outside.