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Jeanine Nicarico Children's Advocacy Center, a WRD Environmental project

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Jeanine Nicarico Children's Advocacy Center, Wheaton, IL

Client Profile

The Jeanine Nicarico Children's Advocacy Center was developed by DuPage County to house the Department of Children and Family Services and the DuPage Family Center to help children who have been abused or witnessed violent crimes.


  • Develop a site plan that carefully locates the building so as to invoke a sense of tranquility and peace for visiting children and families
  • Explore alternative revenue sources and secure funding

Sample Results

  • Permeable paving, rain gardens and bioswales that help reduce runoff from directly entering an adjacent pond
  • A $55,000 grant from the Water Quality Improvement Program of DuPage County
  • Outdoor spaces for families that help alleviate tension in times of turmoil
  • Elevated profile of DuPage County as a leader and model for sustainability

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Natural landscaping at the entrance to the Jeanine Nicarico Children's Advocacy Center