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Plan for Carmel Catholic High School Courtyard, a WRD Environmental project

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Carmel Catholic High School Courtyard, Mundelein, IL

Client Profile

Carmel Catholic High School, located in the heart of Lake County, is a Catholic, college preparatory secondary school for young men and wmen frmo ninth through twelfth grades.

  • Create outdoor classroom spaces that model Starbucks -- loud and active -- and Borders Bookstore -- quiet and studious
  • Provide teachable moments in sustainable design that translate into school curricula
  • Develop an outdoor space for evening gatherings and fundraisers, where teachers and other staff can cultivate new relationships

Sample Results

  • Transformation of an antiquated courtyard into two separate but united spaces through shared textures, colors and water elements
  • A water-harvesting system that collects roof runoff for a series of water features that move water through the terrace, providing a unique interaction between students and rain
  • A bench that uses reclaimed white oak to tell the story of the species that is our state tree

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Carmel Catholic High School courtyard

Carmel Catholic High School courtyard fountain