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Dedication of the Edible Garden at Western Avenue School, a WRD Environmental project

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Western Avenue Elementary School Edible Garden, Geneva, IL

Client Profile

Western Avenue Elementary School offers kindergarten through 5th grades and serves approximately 300 students. An active group of school parents formed a Get Up and Grow Committee to develop a sustainable, organic garden that would serve as an outdoor classroom, laboratory, reading garden and more.

  • Work with parents, teachers and students to create an edible garden on school grounds that provides food for children to take home and that will eventually be prepared for meals in the school cafeteria.
Sample Results
  • Transformed a large, underused tract of turf into a productive garden
  • Secured donations for all brick walkways and native plants
  • Received grant funding to purchase garden tools and plants
  • Made harvests possible that support the school’s annual fund raiser and bake sale, with many of the baked goods made from produce harvested from the garden

Learn more about Western Avenue Elementary School's Edible Garden.

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Planting beds at the Western Avenue School edible garden

The pergola signaling the entrance to the Western Avenue School edible garden