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Rain garden and nature play area at William Hammerschmidt School, a WRD Environmental project

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William Hammerschmidt School Learn + Play Gardens, Lombard, IL

Client Profile

Lombard Elementary District 44 serves approximately 2,400 early childhood, elementary and middle school students in central DuPage County. The District includes most of Lombard and portions of unincorporated DuPage County.  It partners with students, families and community members to educate the whole child and achieve personal excellence.

  • Create a dynamic center for learning, health and fitness, conservation, and community
  • Develop an engaging recreational landscape that includes accessible play equipment, hardscape and green space – while managing rainwater via green infrastructure
  • Integrate passive recreation, conservation opportunities and nature-based play to serve students, local families and the greater Lombard community

Sample Results

  • A green schoolyard that supports active and passive play, community gatherings, and art
  • Sustainable stormwater management features including native plantings, green infrastructure technologies and sustainable materials
  • An edible garden and outdoor learning space for wellness and curriculum enhancement
  • County stormwater and private grants totaling more than $175,000
  • “Conservation@Work” certification from The Conservation Foundation
  • A “working landscape” made possible through collaboration with the park district, village and county that exemplifies how to work together to maximize available community resources

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Children play on stepping logs at the Learn + Play Garden at William Hammerschmidt School.