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Naper Settlement, a WRD Environmental project

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Naper Settlement, Naperville, IL

Client Profile
Naper Settlement is a 19th-century living history museum spanning 12 acres in downtown Naperville. This award-winning cultural attraction draws more than 125,000 visitors annually.

  • Develop and implement a watershed-based stormwater master plan to correct drainage and water quality issues affecting the DuPage River
  • Explore alternative revenue sources and secure funding

Sample Results
  • Installed nearly 43,000 square feet of permeable paving, eight rain gardens, seven water-infiltration zones, two cisterns and a bioswale, which will reduce runoff pollution by an estimated 14,520 pounds of total suspended solids annually
  • Obtained $830,000 in project grants
  • Created interpretive signage that educated staff and visitors about the site’s best management practices
  • Helped raise Naper Settlement’s profile as a model of sustainability
  • Recognized with a Conservation & Native Landscaping Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency and Chicago Wilderness

Learn more about Naper Settlement.

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One of eight rain gardens at Naper Settlement

Permeable paving in front of the replica blacksmith's shop at Naper Settlement