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Concept plan for Allied Metal Company, a WRD Environmental project

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Allied Metal Company, Chicago, IL

Client Profile
Allied Metal Company is one of the largest producers of aluminum and zinc alloys. Founded in 1953, it supplies die casting and foundry operations that serve a variety of industries, including appliance, automotive, electronics, furniture, hardware, housewares, sporting goods, toy and more.


  • Increase the number and diversity of native species for improved habitat and air quality
  • Reintroduce natural habitat to a degraded river-edge environment
  • Create a model that inspires other organizations along the Chicago River corridor to develop sustainable landscapes

Sample Results

  • Integrating best management practices with habitat development for increased aesthetics and slope stability  
  • Improving air quality by removing particulates from the air and storing them in plants and other organic matter in the landscape
  • Streamlining design, permitting and installation through an integrated-services approach

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