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A gully-stabilization project at Kickapoo Woods, a WRD Environmental project

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Kickapoo Woods Forest Preserve - Forest and Gully Restoration, Chicago, IL

Client Profile

Friends of the Chicago River improves and protects the Chicago River system for people, plants and animals. Friends sought to help address riparian erosion along the Little Calumet River at Kickapoo Woods, in Riverdale, IL. The site is owned by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.


  • Use GIS and field reconnaissance to study existing conditions, such as vegetation, storm infrastructure and topography, that can negatively impact gullies
  • Prepare restoration and revegetation guidelines for the study area, encompassing more than 280 acres
  • Provide prioritized strategies for Friends’ volunteers to use in stabilizing the site’s gullies and riparian corridors

Sample Results

  • Assessed and mapped 25 gullies
  • Identified short-term tasks for volunteers
  • Presented restoration recommendations to assist with future funding for long-term work
  • Prepared associated costs for long-term recommendations 

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A map of gullies in Kickapoo Woods