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Village of Mettawa Open Space Plan, a WRD Environmental project

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Village of Mettawa Open Lands Management Recommendations, Mettawa, IL

Client Profile

The Village of Mettawa is a unique rural community best described as an island of wooded and open land surrounded by commercial, office and high-density residential. Covering 5 ½ square miles in Lake County, Mettawa’s landscape is a rich tapestry of woodlands, wetlands and open space. Characterized by its large properties and undeveloped rural areas, the community’s abundant natural resources evoke a strong sense of identity.


  • Develop recommendations for open lands management that can help guide future planning and stewardship of village-owned properties, a bike trail system and rights-of-way.
  • Foster consensus between land owners and the Village Board regarding land management guidelines.

Sample Results

  • Conducted listening sessions with the Board of Trustees, staff, ad hoc committee members, the Mettawa Open Lands Association, the Parks and Recreation Committee, and select concerned citizens to discuss opportunities and recommendations
  • Created awareness for the need to protect various properties with conservation easements, open space zoning or Illinois Nature Preserve designation
  • Conducted a Village of the Whole open house to discuss the recommendations and receive input from residents

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Public unveiling of the Mettawa Open Space Plan