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City of Chicago rain barrels, a WRD Environmental project

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City of Chicago Rain Barrel Pilot, Chicago, IL

Client Profile

In 2004, the City of Chicago launched a pilot rain barrel program to help empower residents to conserve water and be part of the solution to the city’s stormwater runoff and flooding challenges. Today, the initiative has been incorporated into the City’s Chicago Sustainable Backyards Program, an educational and incentive program helping Chicagoans create more environmentally friendly yards.


  • Design, build and train others to build rain barrels, and design a program for distributing them to Chicago residents
  • Advance the Chicago Water Agenda, a strategy for keeping water safe, clean and plentiful, and for improving the water-delivery infrastructure

Sample Results

  • Nearly 7,000 rain barrels issued throughout the City of Chicago
  • Close to 400,000 gallons of rainwater captured for reuse collectively by homeowners per rain event
  • Replication of the program by other municipalities

Learn more about Chicago rain barrels and the Chicago Sustainable Backyard Program.

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The rain barrels have advanced the Chicago Water Agenda, cited here on banners to help educate residents.

A sample rain barrel setup with rain barrels designed by WRD