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Tellabs, a WRD Environmental project

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Tellabs, Naperville, IL

Client Profile

Tellabs supplies wireless providers worldwide with reliable and scalable mobile Internet solutions.  Its sustainability priorities are to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions with more energy-efficient products and operations, manage materials and waste responsibly through a sustainable supply chain, strengthen communities where employees live and work, and proactively communicate its plans and progress.


  • Improve water quality of the ponds, which take on all of the sites’ stormwater, sediment and nutrient runoff
  • Demonstrate land stewardship by maintaining quality wildlife habitat   

Sample Results

  • Controlled invasive plant species and increased native species 
  • Improved water pH, and achieved more balanced and stable dissolved oxygen levels
  • Minimized herbicide applications by improving native species competition

Learn more about sustainability at Tellabs.

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The Tellabs facility now sits admist a variety of native plant species.

Ponds like this one at the Tellabs site now have improved water quality.